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Personal Car Leasing

Welcome to personal car leasing. This website has been years in the making and is designed to offer the personal lease customer a unique experience; a website designed by car leasing fanatics just for private individuals. That is not to say that we cannot offer businesses the same competitive rates but we have just taken the pragmatic approach of designing the site towards personal customers. Leasing your next car could be just a few click away.

We are based in Bedfordshire but offer nationwide delivery on all of our contracts, so no matter where you are located in the UK we will have a solution for you. We list a wide variety of vehicles but not all. If you cannot see what you are looking for contact us and we will gladly create a bespoke quote just for you..


Car Leasing

As the years have gone by, more and more people have moved away from the traditional purchase of a new or second hand car and instead are taking advantage of the huge benefits of leasing. Gone are the days where you drive your new car off the forecourt and have to worry about how much money you have just lost by your new car becoming used. No longer do you have to worry about your used car breaking down and having to find the money to pay for a sensor you have never even heard of. Car Leasing arrived and can benefit you.

There are several benefits to leasing a car. One of the things we find our customers like the most is the fact that you can get a brand new car for a lot less money than you would think. The new car is delivered to your door by a professional driver. From the moment you turn the key you know you have a manufacturer’s warranty to fall back on should the car have any issues and in all cases a minimum of 1 years road side assistance should the car breakdown (albeit unlikely being a new car). By leasing the car you know exactly how much you are going to pay during your contract and all fees are shown upfront, so fixed cost motoring is achievable. At the end of the contract you can simply return the car and start on your next contract. With contracts starting form 18 months up to 5 years you can have the flexibility of regular changes of car or the added benefit of reduced payments should you want to keep the car over a longer period of time. There are many benefits and these are just a few

How do I lease a car.

Leasing a car works exactly the same as buying one. The first thing you need to do is find a car you like. If you are not a car person you are welcome to use our resources to find a car that suits your needs and ask our staff on advise as to which car may suit your needs. In all cases we recommend you test drive a vehicle at a local dealer to make sure it is the correct car for you. Make sure you check out the little things like how big the boot is, does your pram fit in the boot, does it have a passenger airbag cutoff switch, can I get Bluetooth added to the car and how does it work. For anything you can’t find an answer to let us know and we will find the answer for you.

Once you have selected a car or a range of cars you need to think about how long you would like it for and how many miles per annum you think you would travel. Again we can offer advise on this matter. Sometimes it is worth looking at price and then contract length, we find a lot of customers would prefer to have the right car for longer that a short term contract on a car that suits the budget. We can then start to quote you. We can offer quotations with additional services such as servicing costs and replacement tyres included. We can look at how long the car will take to come through to ensure it suits your time frame as well.

Once you have selected the payment profile you want you need to apply for finance on the car. In all cases car leasing is a finance product. Once approved we can look to order a car for you as per the availability we have already discussed. In the wait between the car arriving a contract will be sent to you to return and when the car arrives to us we will be able to arrange a suitable delivery to you to either your home or work address.

You have taken delivery of your new car and are the envy of all of your neighbours. What happens next? We remain your assistant during the contract. If you are unsure of anything or just have a simple question we are here to help. We will contact you yearly to ensure your tax disc arrives in the post and we will talk to you at contract end to ensure the hand back of the car goes smoothly and a replacement car arrives for you on the day the car goes back.

You can view our Initial Disclosure Document Here Click here to view our initial disclosure form

In all cases Personal Car Leasing are acting as a credit broker and not a lender.

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